Work-life balanced.

We prepared an amazing line-up of digital magicians & business aides from various industries to assist your goals.

Save Time

Yourself and Your Team

Your mission is to grow and have more time to focus on priorities. This objective benefits from somebody who can embed and assist you in those goals. We want to create digital space where your project exceeds expectations so you can tell your success stories quicker than the rest.

TimeSvr Productivity Teams

In sync with yourself, TimeSvr helps achieve goals. Our vision is to focus on your vision and develop support structures and supportive teams that assist everyone from your clients to ops in your goals by actually getting work done quicker than the rest.

Why more time?

Take a look at usage stories from our clients and you'll know why you should hire us.

Brilliant Business Support

Our experts are experienced doers willing to share and let you in on their little secrets that lead to big successes.

connect and network

Connect Salesforce, and add TimeSvr aide to your team to manage leads & communications.

continued time saving

All task requests and video sessions are held online and you can access them from anywhere and anytime.

develop customer experience & community

Learn about how we can provide a better customer experience. Our experts will help you dramatically improve your online presence with new tools and old tools with a new twist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Sign up to assign time boxed task requests to a curated team of virtual assistants in the cloud. It's magic, you'll get responses with work done on your screen. This is ideal for delegating digital life management and thousands of chores, and we've been taking mundane and boring work off of your To-Do list so you can focus on things you do best.

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Where are the assistants located?

We were founded in Singapore and have presence in the U.S. and have ever since straddled a workforce between continents to serve clients globally. We've been in this business for over a decade and our service is the best at dedicated assistance.

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I have large projects and can you do business process operations consistently with enterprise level service?

B2B is our sweet spot, and competitive advantage in the industry. On-Demand Virtual Teams are trained to help entrepreneurs and internet-enterprises that need all kinds of team support for growing quickly. Startups assisted by TimeSvr end up raking in venture capital.

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What if I have a task that I want repeated?

Scheduling a recurring task request is super easy on our Dashboard! We understand how this feature is so important and our assistants can do these promptly non-stop.

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