All about clean energy cars at MICE Singapore

Tesla may be cool but Hybirds are in demand in Singapore our staff found out at MICE.

What’s the Big Deal about a Prius?

The Toyota Prius is hybrid-electric car. Like most Singaporeans, my knowledge of it extends to: “Every time you drive it, a dead tree comes back to life. Or something.”

“Task: What are the hybrid cars available in Singapore. Please compare specifications such as fuel consumption and costs and best deals."

First thing you would want to know is that the Singapore Government offers a 40% rebate on a hybrid vehicles Open Market Value (OMV) provided its for personal use. From NEA's website. So, you're already saving before buying.

The second thing to note, is that there are two primary hybrid car sellers in Singapore - Honda and Toyota. While Honda has three models with different Hybrid or electric capacities (some of them are hybrid in name only), the Prius is the only truly hybrid car which has an impact on fuel consumption and emissions. The Prius however, costs more than Honda - although assessed by America's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to have very very low emissions and high fuel savings. The Prius is also more reliable, the Honda hybrids have had multiple battery recalls.

Using SG-Carmart as a pricing guide, Honda Civic Hybrids cost between $85-$135,000. A Prius costs $80,000-$$168,000.

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