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Jan 21, 2021 4:00 AM

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Collect contact information of all iOS game developers through the iTunes directory ( There are about 80,000 of them. The process entails going through the directory of games and collecting the following information: - Studio or Independent Developer's Name - Title of game(s) created by developer - Email address - Social Media Information (i.e. twitter handle, facebook page, blog) - Website of Studio or Independent Developer Some information may not be found on the iTunes App Directory and therefore requires creative techniques, such as using Google or using, to find the required information. I want all this info in a Google Docs spreadsheet, which will be shared with me.

"I wanted TimeSvr to recruit, train, and deliver a team for our new product launch, and they delivered."
It started off with this task response:

Hi Brian,

We have spent around 13 hours on this project and was able to collect the contact information for 252 developers as of now. Per developer, the entry takes around 3.5 minutes to complete. I have updated the Google Docs Spreadsheet (

It has been has been checked with the spreadsheet you have shared for duplication purposes and have also been done alphabetically as specified. Please update us if there are anymore changes required.

We will be working on this project and can update you with 4 hours of work everyday. Please let us know the requirement of your work so we prioritize it accordingly.

Elizabeth Hague
Chief Executive Officer, Century Game Ventures
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Quality is medium for everything and email back a list of any items that you couldn't find in their system

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